Hi & happy to meet!

I am Femke, an enthusiastic, inquisitive, critical, thorough, innovative, open-minded, human-focused & holistic researcher and thinker – a happy one!

I love scientific methods, psychology, philosophy, critical thinking and overly simple questions – those that are often forgotten to be asked and therefore complex to trace. If you’re looking for inspiration, references, good conversation, critical discussion, I am more than up for it, so feel free to contact me.

What I do? Well..

  • PhD Candidate, working on the intersection between Psychology and Philosophy of Science, with a passion to reinstall the question mark in human science.
  • Psychotherapist and conversation partner for gifted (young) adults, based in The Hague (website)
  • Mama, partner, colleague & friend, a very lucky one

As a PhD candidate in Psychology and Philosophy of Science at Ghent University, I am focused on the scientific foundations of ‘Evidence-Based Treatment’. I study the validity of research methods that are predominantly used to gather ‘evidence’ for the efficacy of psychological treatments. I analyse how ‘evidence’ is realised by scrutinising how data is collected or created, how individual data is collected to become ‘the data’ and how this subsequently travels through the data-analysis to become ‘evidence’ for therapeutic efficacy. I let patient-participants narrate about how they experience their role in this process, to reach a realistic and clinically relevant elaboration of how ‘scientific facts’ are derived. I ask the most basic questions of scientific conduct, that all too often are not asked out loud.


Als Promovenda Psychologie en Wetenschapsfilosofie aan de Universiteit Gent richt ik me op de wetenschappelijke basis onder ‘Evidence-Based Treatment’. Ik onderzoek de validiteit van onderzoeksmethoden die worden gehanteerd om evidentie te verzamelen voor effectiviteit van therapieën.  Ik vraag me af hoe ‘evidence’ tot stand komt, door uit te pluizen hoe ‘de data’ wordt verzameld of gecreëerd en hoe die data vervolgens een weg aflegt door het wetenschappelijk analyseproces tot op het niveau van ‘bewijs’ voor therapie-effectiviteit. Hierin laat ik patiënt-participanten aan het woord om een klinisch relevant en gedetailleerd beeld te krijgen van de processen die uiteindelijk tot wetenschappelijke ‘feiten’ leiden. Kortom, de simpelste vragen die toch vaak niet gesteld worden, vormen de basis van mijn onderzoek en wetenschappelijke/wetenschapsfilosofische papers.

See categories on top of the page for published scientific and philosophical papers, theses & essays, and psychological and art project writings!

Where I am? Where I love to be

Born, raised & visiting as often as possible in Amsterdam
Working at Ghent University, Ghent (Belgium)
Living in The Hague (The Netherlands)
& part of so many tremendously exciting scientific, human and social communities

Where to find me?

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